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    2018-11-15 14:33:34

    La taghdob wa lakal jannah...Jangan kau marah, maka bagimu surga.. (Al Hadits)
    2018-11-15 10:39:30

    Bekerja keras adalah bagian dari fisik Bekerja cerdas adalah bagian dari otak Dan...bekerja Ikhlash adalah bagian dari hati
  • Shinta Okta Selvi (Guru)
    2018-11-15 10:24:11

    Tiada daya dan upaya kecuali hanya milik-Nya
  • Ries Ardianto (Guru)
    2017-09-25 13:18:42

    Pengalaman adalah Sumber Pengetahuan "Albert Einstein"
    2017-09-25 11:30:21

    Sahabat bukan dia yang mengenalmu sudah lama,tetapi sahabat adalah Dia yang tidak pernah meninggalkanmu dalam KONDISI APAPUN
    2017-09-20 14:31:42

    "Isy kariiman au mut syahiidan " Hidup mulia atau mati syahid "
    2017-09-18 15:14:10

    SMP Al Ikhlash Lumajang....jaya slalu maju terus pantang mundur...Allohuakbar




Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Aminah R.A was in her ninth month and ready to give birth. It was early hours of Monday , the 12th Rabi'ul-Awwal. She was alone. Suddenly there was a great noise and she began to feel afraid. A white bird flew in and sat on her chest. Her fear left. A cool drink of sweet white sherbet was mysteriously handed to her and her heart filled with peace and joy.


A group of Tall, Beautiful women appeared to her and gathered in a protective cirlce around her. One of the ladies spoke saying,


" I am Hawa, wife of the Prophet Adam A.S" then each of the ladies introduced herself. One was Sarah, wife of Prophet Ibrahim A.S, and mother of Ishaq A.S. One was Buhayyid R.A mother of Musa A.S. Another was Asiya R.A wife of Firawn at the time of Musa A.S. One was Maryam R.A mother of Isa A.S. And others were ladies of paradise, Huriyahs. They came to help and welcome the Holy Prophet S.A.W into the world.


They encircled her and veiled her from the eyes of the world. She saw a white shape like a curtain being drawn across the sky that veiled her from the prying eyes of Jinn. Then a flock of bird with beaks of green emeralds and wings of red rubies flew down. They fluttered all around her so that she could feel the soft beating of their wings on her skin. They flew around her in circles.


Then ALLAH removed the veil from her eyes and from her bed in Mecca she could see the whole world from east to west. She saw three banners coming down from the Heavens. One was placed in the East, one in the West, and one in the top of the Ka'aba. Men of Light came down from the Heavens carrying golden bowls covered with precious jewels and they helped the Ladies in delivering the baby so that Aminah R.A felt no hardship or pain.


When she looked again, the child was already born. He was wrapped in a piece of white silk, and he was already circumcised, the air around her glowed with a bright light. The baby bent his precious little head to th ground in Sajda and then lifted His right forefinger. She leaned over Him and heard his say softly:


"Ash- hadu an la ilaha ill'ALLAH

Wa inni Rasulullah

ALLAHu Akbar kabiran

Wal Hamdulillahi Kathiran

Wa Subahnallhi bukratan wa asilan

Allahumma, ummati ummati."


" I witness there is no god but ALLAH

and i am His Messenger

ALLAH is the Greatest and infinite prais is due to Him.

Glory to ALLAH in the morning and in the evening.

Please ALLAH, watch over my community.


The Blessed Prophet Muhammad S.A.W began His life on Earth with this prayer. The first thing He did was to bow His tiny head in humbleness to the Lord Almighty...


The second thing He did was to ask for safety and wellbeing of His followers.


Hz Aminah R.A looked up and saw a white cloud out of which came the sound of Galloping horses. The cloud arrived and eveloped the new born baby, a voice called out to her: "We are taking the baby to show Him the whole world from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the mountains and all the creatures that live upon it".


In a few minutes the cloud returned the baby Muhammad S.A.W back to his mother, wrapped now in a piece of green silk, his face was radiant as the moon and a beautiful smell of musk came from His tiny head. So sweet was the scent that came from His sweet body that it wafted out onto the streets from Hz Aminah house and blew throught the streets of the city of Mecca waking people from their sleep....ALLAHU Akbar!!!!


Three angelic being gathered around Him, the first washed Him seven times from a silver pitcher, the second took a dazzling ring from inside some wrappings of silk and pressed its surface against His tiny back between His shoulders until it left a mark in the shape of a circle with a point on top. The Third took the baby and held Him under his wing for a whole hour whispering secrets into His ear, then they handed him back to His Mother.


The whole world, every rock, every tree, every animal in its own way celebrated the Birth of the Holy Prophet S.A.W.


The Ka'aba itself rejoiced. Hz Abdul Muttalib R.A was at the Ka'aba for morning prayers, he saw it shake and tremble and all the stone statues within it fell from their bases. At that timea voice was heard calling out from the unseen saying:

" Woe and perdition on Quraysh, for the Glorious and trusted Prophet s.a.w has come in truth, embellished with adornments from the loftiest gardens of Paradise. Lat and Uzza and all the other idols are now finished and done for, iblis himself is imprisoned".


And the Ka'aba which has no windows, glowed as the many heavenly beings gathered inside with lights to celebrate the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.


We continue to Honour the month of His birth with feast, gift and acts of kindness and charity, and sending peace and blessing upon Him, reading stories of His life and remembering the Glorious day when ALLAH Almighty sent down the Greatest of men, and Mercy to all Mankind..



Eid Milad un Nabi Mubarak to everyone!!!!!

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